Selling Houses and Serving McDonough, Georgia and the surrounding Metro area since 2002
This is absolutely the best time to buy a home in Georgia!  Homes and interest rates are the only things in this economy that have gone down.  Houses are priced at the most affordable rates in years. Mortgage rates are at their lowest point in decades. Today this is your best opportunity to buy! 
Want to learn how you to can learn to invest, buy and sell homes in today's market?


Here is exactly How You Can Own Your Own Home in McDonough, Georgia or other areas Today!

Without all the high costs, time delays, and hassles of the traditional home buying process we have found a solution! We have homes available all over the metro area. 

We all dream about owning our own home. Would you like to stop putting your hard earned money into a place you no longer want to live? We will show you how you can buy your own home without the high costs, long drawn out process, and stacks of paperwork the traditional market place requires.

We offer more flexible, more exciting purchase programs that help you buy a home right now! Simply contact us and we will show you just how easy it can be to own your own home! Let us help you make that dream of home ownership come true!

Our No Cost, No Obligation pre-qualification application is just below!

Do You Need A Little Credit Repair Help? We offer one of the Best Credit Repair Services with a Guarantee

 Here’s How Easy It Is to Own Your Own Home Now

We often can offer Owner Financing  (Financing without the Bank) which allows us to quickly help people qualify everyday to own their own home. We work with all levels of credit, people who are self employed, first-time buyers, baby boomers moving up to bigger houses, executives, and many others. We can work with various levels of down payments (sometimes even zero down payment!) and many other challenges that many sellers and many banks just can’t handle. Whether you choose our Owner Financing, Lease Option, or Work for Equity program, you will be able to move soon and enjoy your new home until we can help you qualify for traditional financing. We promise that no one will work harder than we will to get you into a home!

Here’s are just a few reasons Why You Should Contact Us Today!

If you need to improve your credit score, save up for a larger down payment, or simply move fast with no hassles...we can help!
Imagine entertaining for the holidays in your new home. We want to make that happen!  We promise that nobody will work harder than we will to get you into a home!  Usually we can contact you within 48 hours of receiving your easy one page no cost and no obligation application to discuss how to get you into the home you want. Our flexible financing allows us to move you in quickly so you can start enjoying your new home. You let us know which one of our homes you like and we will do the majority of the paperwork.
If you need help to improve your credit score we will help. You can find our free credit repair help on this site.  If you need time to save for a larger down payment or do not know how to raise a downpayment, you can find help on this site. We will work with you and can often let you move into a home while you do what ever is needed to put you in a position to buy the home you need!  With a small down payment and monthly payments, you don’t have to wait to own a home or waste your money renting anymore!  In some cases, you don’t even need a down payment at all to move in now!
Where else and when has anyone ever really tried to make it this easy for you to own you own home?  

Right here you can Receive>>>>>>>>>>>>

A No Cost Application * No Obligation * No Stress * No Fees * Pre-qualification right now * A Choice of Homes * Low Rates * Low or No Downpayment * Financing Options * Credit help * Knowlege to help you buy * Lease Option alternatives * and Stimulus packages.
The only thing we can't help with is filling out the form below, picking the house and going to work for you today.

Do you know YOUR credit score? Find out NOW!
Now is the best time to buy a home in Georgia in over 30 years. Dont delay call Today!    

Contact us Today at 770-249-3037  Our team includes: Members of GAREIA, National Association of Independent Landlords, NAREIA, Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Winner, Business Man of the Year, Certified Probate Specialist, International Whos Who of Professionals, Business Advisory Council Member and several other distinctions

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